Just Being Original

There was a girl named Shizuru
She was sick and the illness was unusual
The disease made her behave like a little kid

One day, she met Makoto… and she befriended with him…
In fact, Makoto was all she had as friend… They became really good friend… And Shizuru fell in love with him

One day, Makoto gathered with his friends… They wanted to study together
And his friends started to ask about the relationship he had with Shizuru
Also they said that Shizure was such a weirdo
Suddenly, Makoto felt nervous
Maybe he felt that it would be such a shame to have a weird girl like Shizuru as girlfriend
then he said “no she wasn’t my girl friend. We are just friends”. He emphasized “we are just friends”But.. unexpectedly, Shizuru came from behind

She wanted to return Makoto’s notebook but she unintentionally heard their talks
She turned sad, gave the book to Makoto, and went away immediately

Makoto felt guilty… and he chased her…
He searched for her in their favorite Forest…. Heavenly Forest (as the Title of this Romantic Movie)
and he saw her… sitting, looking at the lake in front of her

and here they are…. the quote that I want to share with you guyz…..

Shizuru: What is it?
Makoto: I’m sorry. They didn’t intend to hurt you. They are always like that, just making fun of me.
I don’t really mind. I don’t mind them calling me weird at all. I am used to it.
It was you who made me sad.
“She’s just a friend, she’s just a friend”, as if you are making an excuse
I’m not happy at all to have such a friend

Makoto: I’m sorry

If you really are a friend, you could’ve defended me a little.
You could have said “She is not a weirdo”
“She’s just a bit ORIGINAL than other people”

I really love their conversation in this scene
But, I have special attention to Shizuru’s last quote in the conversation
“She’s just a bit ORIGINAL than other people”

I did a lot of mistakes, many times before
I thought some people are weirdo, for example… those whose hobby is “all about Japanese”
Those manga addicts, japanese dancers, gamers, and so on
I really did think that they were such freak guyz and It really irritated me when they started to express their hobby in front of my face

But now I’ve changed… I’m really sorry for what I’ve thought
In fact, I also realized that… maybe I will also appear as such a weirdo in others thought
But I think… It’s OK…. It’s fine… It’s normal
Everyone has their rights to like or to dislike others
And if someone hates me, or think I’m weird… It’s their problem, not mine, right?

I don’t care about that, It is not important
The important things are
How do I keep being original… being my self…
and never wear any mask in front of others
How to not be ashamed of myself
How to take pride in every peace of my work             —–> (I don’t mean negative pride)
How to boldly express myself and never hide the real me
and of course…

I’ve got to be me
What else I can be but I am
I’ve got to be free
Daring to try to do it or die… I’ve got to be me
I can’t be right for somebody else if I’m not right for me
#song: I’ve Got to Be Me popularized by Sammy Davis, Jr.

Do not ever again think that some people are weird…
Keep in mind… they’re not weird…. they are just BEING ORIGINAL
They are just being their real selves
They are just BEING BOLD to express themselves

and remember…
The most shameful thing is ashamed of yourself

And for you, my friend…
I encourage you to be your self too    ^^b
Because you are beautiful
You are one of a kind
You are precious
You are in God’s heart

I think it would be great for you to watch this movie too
I’m sure you’ll love this sad love story


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